Homeschool Summer Planning

This time of year in my homeschool family, I start to get excited and worried about making changes in our curriculum and also making the decision of whether or not to homeschool thru the summer. There are SO MANY homeschool curriculum choices and they can honestly get very overwhelming – even for someone who’s been […]

Have you found your dream job?

With all the finance books I’ve been reading lately, a common theme is starting to appear with some of the more “happy wealthy” people that are used as examples in these books – they have found a career that gives them satisfaction and when they work, it’s not really work, but more something they enjoy […]


I’ve been devouring a few books lately about finances and managing your budget/income.  Most of them (the good ones) seem to have a few recurring themes that I find really interesting.  (What throws me is when the author implies or outright says, “This is commonsense stuff.”  Well, I’m glad that it was commonsense for the […]