Have you found your dream job?

With all the finance books I’ve been reading lately, a common theme is starting to appear with some of the more “happy wealthy” people that are used as examples in these books – they have found a career that gives them satisfaction and when they work, it’s not really work, but more something they enjoy that they are getting paid for.  Obviously there are aspects of every job that are not desirable but is it really possible to find that “dream job”?

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Giving this some thought lately I’ve come to the conclusion that maybe it’s not always just “one” job.  Maybe that excellent “middle ground” for where you feel you are meant to be comes about after moving from one position or career to the next.  Or maybe it’s something you create for yourself?  Maybe, it’s finding that after all these years, you are actually where you are meant to be?

Why is it, that when discussing the “dream job” it’s an all or nothing discussion?  Why is it implied that either you have it or you don’t? Why are we lead to believe that if we don’t have this planned out since birth, it will always be outside our grasp?

I’ve come to believe that finding that “dream job” is not something that you are ever going to discover unless you know yourself; and I honestly had no idea about that until a little recently.  Looking back over the years, I feel like I kind of drifted along the current of life and did what I needed to do; never thinking too deep about what I might want to do.  I’ve collected an interesting bit of skills moving from place to place (working at a daycare, credit union, non profit, and an admin job – ALL after a few years in the military in a technical career); and I’ve begun to wonder if maybe gathering all of this experience hasn’t been some ultimate plan to help me get to the place I’m at now.  To find that job (or in my case I feel maybe create that job) that I was meant to do.  Something I needed to sharpen my skills for first.  You know what I mean?

What do you think? Have you heard of someone that felt they had discovered their dream job? Are you working your dream job?

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  • Grrrl, I am so unbelievably WITH you on this journey, it’s like you wrote what I was thinking. (Except I’m not a veteran. Thank you for your service!)

    You might like Quitter by Jon Acuff, which is in defense of not quitting your day job to pursue your dream job. He’s all for following your dreams, but he advocates working towards them while you do the day job and not entering dream job pursuit with the mindset of the “do or die” attitude that causes a lot of folks to fail because financial stressors create such a barrier. I thought the psychology behind the things we say to people in this transitional point was fascinating. And his main thing is about attitude and how we perceive our situations. Reading Jen Sincero’s book now, she’s even more about psychology of mindset.

    My favorite phrase in her book so far has been “Words are the truffle pig to our thoughts and emotions about money.” I think you could take out money and insert any life theme/need and find the root of your perceptions about things. It’s very telling, isn’t it?

    • I’m so happy to hear that I’m not alone and I’m sure you can understand how it fills my heart to hear that my writing touched yours. 🙂 I will have to check out that book you suggested (I noticed last night that it was published by Ramsay Press? So, Dave approved? :))

      Like you, I loved reading Jen Sincero’s book – it was like talking to a friend about money. (although I kind of wish there was a more step-by-step from her process; I have been doing the daily mantra of being “open to money” and honestly feel that there have been a few things that have come my way because of it!) How’s your financial journey going?

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