30 Day Challenge – Thinking Positive

30 Day Challenge – Thinking Positive

Have you read about the Law of Attraction?  There’s been a some news recently (and not so recently) about the idea that you attract what you believe.  Something like, if you think that you are nothing, then you attract nothing.  If you feel and think that you are broke, then no money opportunities will come your way.

It sounds a little “spotty,” and even though I’ve dismissed this theory outright before, I’ve recently had first hand experience that this concept actually works.  Seriously.

The definition of the “Law of Attraction” is the belief that positive thoughts are magnets for positive life experiences and negative thoughts are magnets for negative life experiences; for example “like attracts like.” (Definition from www.urbandictionary.com)

There are quotes from famous actors, musicians, life coaches….everyone really, about this concept.  Again, I didn’t give much thought to it until I began really reading about budgeting,  of all things.  My family and I recently read, “Total Money Makeover,” by Dave Ramsey and a part of what he teaches starts with the concept of adjusting your mindset of changing the way that you view money.  In fact, a LOT of financial gurus have that specific concept in common when they discuss ways of becoming more financially secure.

dave ramsey

Now, remember how I mentioned that we just experienced something like this?  I really believe that some life lessons are learned only when we can really understand and appreciate them, but my husband and I were talking about our finances on a long road trip recently, and it suddenly all came together how we were going to go about getting out of debt.  I adjusted my mindset about our monies and I kid you not, opportunities came along to help us make the steps necessary to change our lives.  It was like someone was waiting for me to make this shift in thinking and then the universe was like, “Here you go, Nicole.  We’ve been waiting for you.”


So, with that thought in mind, I came up with the plan to give this concept some serious trial and error over the next month.  I am going to try my best to apply the concept of being open to good things and being open to these positive experiences.  So, starting in June, I’m going to test this theory and see how it goes.  Would you like to try with me?  Have you ever heard of this concept before?  Has it worked for you?

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