Zorro Finishes It Out

My final A to Z Challenge post is about the masked man, Zorro.  I’m thinking it’s a great way to end this month’s challenge and I kind of wish that I could make my own “N” slashes on this blog to celebrate the month – it’s been amazing! When I first got the idea to take […]

Yankee Doodle

Hi everyone!  I’m sorry my post is late today, had some appointments this morning.  How’s everyone’s Friday going? Have you ever heard the song, “Yankee Doodle“?  It’s a funny sounding song that has it’s origins sometime during the early parts of colonial American history.  The tune for this song frequently get’s stuck in my head […]

X, Professor X

Yay!  It’s Marvel day! *throws confetti in the air and dances*  I know one or two were curious when I was going to throw in the Marvel character and today is the day.  Woo hoo! Professor  X, for those that don’t know (I can hear the fans screaming, “Who doesn’t know the X-Men?“), appears on […]

What’s a Wampus?

The Wampus Cat tale is a little like someone blended a Dr. Seuss story with a dash of Stephen King and Tim Burton.  I felt the story was a little harsh to the woman who’s only crime was to be curious about what the men were talking about on their hunting trips.  If I had […]

The Valiant Tailor

Bravery is a funny thing.  It’s easy enough to associate bravery with policemen, firefighters, soldiers (as it should); it’s what first comes to mind if you think about it.  When I was considering the topic for today’s blog, I came across the story of The Brave Little Tailor and I thought, But what about everyday […]