What’s a Wampus?

What’s a Wampus?


The Wampus Cat tale is a little like someone blended a Dr. Seuss story with a dash of Stephen King and Tim Burton.  I felt the story was a little harsh to the woman who’s only crime was to be curious about what the men were talking about on their hunting trips.  If I had the magic hand to finish this story, after the medicine man punishes the woman “by binding her to her mountain cat skin,” I would have her make it her mission to seek vengeance against the people who wronged her.  Perhaps in the story she comes to realize about herself that she never really belonged to these people and it was her destiny to go on to other things, things that she could handle on her own now, thanks to the medicine man’s failed logic to have her be able to transform into the Wampus Cat.  After all, if her greatest sin was curiosity, then perhaps her vengeance can serve a greater good.  Maybe the X-men could use her on their team?

Her story kind of reminds me of Medusa, the woman who was cursed because she had an affair (whether forced or not is up in speculation) with Poseidon in Athena’s temple.  Athena was jealous of Medusa and cursed her to have serpents in her hair and that anyone who gazed upon her would turn to stone.  Not so fortunate, was Medusa; cursed because of a jealous woman.

Oh man…my mind is whirling with stories this morning.  Now, I’m imagining the Wampus Cat, Medusa and Cat Woman all sitting around having tea.  *needs coffee*

Do you know any good tales about a woman who unfairly treated?  How about a man?

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