X, Professor X

X, Professor X


Yay!  It’s Marvel day! *throws confetti in the air and dances*  I know one or two were curious when I was going to throw in the Marvel character and today is the day.  Woo hoo!

Professor  X, for those that don’t know (I can hear the fans screaming, “Who doesn’t know the X-Men?“), appears on the comic called the X-Men, from the beginning, basically the leader of the group of “mutants” (humans) with special abilities.  The good Professor himself, is a strong telepath and has like, ten different degrees in subjects like genetics and psychology.

I liked the series, because I could always think about what super power I could choose, if I were one of the X-Men, and what I would do with that power.  It wasn’t always for the greater good. *winks*  There were days (like this morning) where I wish that I could move things with my mind, that way I could sit down and finish my coffee, but get laundry done at the same time.  (I know some of you can empathize with this.)  When I would need to be evil with this power *muah-ha-ha,* I would hide cookies in our house from my husband. (He’s not going to like that.)

What about you?  If you were with the X-Men, what would your super power be?  Would it be for good or evil?


2 thoughts on “X, Professor X

  1. Of course I LOVE this post!! I grew up loving X-Men (via early 90s, Jim Lee) and Uncanny X-Men. I’ve always battled with this one, but I always loved the healing ability. My favorite characters growing up were Gambit, Wolverine, and Grifter (from WildC.A.T.S., also a Jim Lee product).

    As I’ve gotten older, I wonder if Professor X’s ability or Jean Grey’s would be great.

    1. Maybe we could optional days? One day for Wolverine and the next Storm – depending on our moods? 🙂

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