Zorro Finishes It Out

Zorro Finishes It Out


My final A to Z Challenge post is about the masked man, Zorro.  I’m thinking it’s a great way to end this month’s challenge and I kind of wish that I could make my own “N” slashes on this blog to celebrate the month – it’s been amazing!

When I first got the idea to take this challenge, my only goal was to get back into the habit of writing everyday.  It was a goal that I could achieve after just thirty days, so a quick win, that would help propel my writing after that.   What I hadn’t counted on, and what surprised me the most, was how much I enjoyed going back to my “roots” of writing.  Rereading stories that drove my love of writing when I was little really gave me that creative push to keep me going; you know what I mean?

This month has had a couple of great wins, and I’ll announce more of those later…but, I’m going to take this opportunity to also announce that I’m continuing to challenge myself in the month of May. *woo hoo*

I’m going to be publishing a short story at the end of May.  During the month, on Friday’s, I’ll be posting a small snippet of the story I’m working on for your thoughtful reviews and comments. 🙂  Wednesday’s blog posts will be themed, and you’ll see that later.  I’m really looking forward to sharing this new story with you – it’s been percolating in my mind since about mid-month.

I hope everyone had a great April and I look forward to seeing you all during May! *throws confetti in the air; passes out champagne*

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