Perfect Halloween Costumes – The Struggle

Perfect Halloween Costumes – The Struggle

I really enjoy creative and awesome Halloween costumes.  I get frustrated when shopping for costumes for myself I see the shelves overwhelmed with costumes that barley have any material to them and cover even less.  I can just imagine now, the look on the faces of the other families if I was to put on the “nurse costume” and take my seven year-old daughter Trick or Treating.

So, while I struggle to find something other than a giant sheet to wear for Halloween, my daughter on the other hand, found herself a cute Eiffel Tower costume from TJ Maxx that she’s excited to wear.  For those that are still looking for kiddo Halloween costume ideas, I found this video:

Also, for some pet costume ideas, try this video:

What about you? What are your Halloween plans?  What is your favorite costume idea?


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