Characters in Common – Halloween Series

Characters in Common – Halloween Series

The holidays are coming.  I couldn’t believe that they already had Christmas decorations out at stores and some of my friends have already started Christmas shopping.  It’s been an eventful few months for us, so running into October took me completely by surprise.  That might seem a little odd, since everyone is on the same calendar but, when you aren’t paying attention I know that time flies a little faster.


I get excited about Halloween and I’m honestly not too sure why.  I’m not the horror story kind of girl, never have been.  I’m not into the haunted houses or scary rides at amusement parks. (I have volunteered at a haunted house, and that was a little fun.)  But there’s something about Halloween that brings out the kid side of me, you know?

When thinking about potential blog posts for this month, I considered briefly talking about some of my favorite Halloween movies, but then I participated in this Twitter challenge (#3fictionalcharactersthatdescribeme), and I had the epiphany to go a little farther and talk about Halloween movie characters.  I thought that at least on this blog, we could push Christmas talk back for a few weeks and focus on giving some of the Halloween movies and characters some love.

Now, one of my favorite movies of all time is “Nightmare Before Christmas,” (and honestly, almost anything Tim Burton touches is a favorite of mine), but my favorite character from that movie is Sally.


I connect with Sally on so many levels.  Between the metaphor of picking herself up after falls and sewing herself back together and caring for others (even if they don’t appreciate it); I don’t know how anyone couldn’t appreciate Sally.  She’s kind of an unsung hero in the that movie and when I saw the Twitter challenge, her character was the first one that I thought of.

What about you?  Do you have a favorite Halloween movie?  What three fictional characters describe you?

2 thoughts on “Characters in Common – Halloween Series

  1. How are you? Long time no “see!” This may sound corny, but I love Halloweentown on the Disney channel. I guess I identify most with Marnie’s grandmother because we can both be a bit flaky at times. ?

    1. It’s good to “see” you too! 🙂 I wish I had the Disney channel, but I can understand appearing to be “flaky” when you have a million things on your mind. 🙂

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