Finding Your Key

Finding Your Key

It's time to take that new path.
It’s time to take that new path.

I’ve got some really awesome and successful friends.  They are super crafty and creative and just by glancing at their lives, feels like they’ve found that key – whatever that might mean for them specifically – that has taken them to the next level.

You know the ones I mean?  Like the girlfriend that I used to work with, years ago, in daycare, who is now a successful skincare business owner.  I remember the day I ran into her at the grocery store, we were both not working at the time, and she tells me that she is starting with this network marketing business and she’s determined to make it.  I wished her the best at the time, but never believed that too many people were ever successful with those kind of businesses.  Well, here we are, maybe six years later, and she is at an executive level with her company and growing.

I have another friend, one who is the wife of man that used to work with my husband in the Air Force.  After time, and several moves later, I’m delighted to see how she has succeeded with her photography business.  I can remember when she first started, taking family pictures, and just in love with the hobby.

Another friend, loves making various crafts with leftover wood that she would find around town.  She now owns a brick-and-mortor business that also offers classes so others can learn how to create their own crafts.

It’s so great to see and talk about.  I love these success stories.  I gobble them up, wherever I can find them – they are the best sort of inspiration to those that might not have found their “key” yet.

But reading about the story at this part of their journey is also a little dangerous because it also glosses over the years of hard work and self doubt they went through to get to that point in their life.  Their success wasn’t in an instant and it certainly wasn’t easy.  Most of the time it came in fits and probably at the expense of precious moments they could have spent doing other things.

So, I guess my message to you, to all of those struggling with their key at this moment, is don’t give up.  I can’t promise it will be easy, because the best things in life never are.  But I can say that that I’m struggling with you and hope we all are able to get to that next level.

What “key” are you struggling with right now?  Do you know anyone who has been successful at finding their “key”?

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