Shower Thoughts

Shower Thoughts

The other day I was in the shower and I couldn’t remember if I conditioned my hair or not because I had just been struck with a great wave of inspiration for my current work in progress. (WIP)  It was the oddest thing and I think I ended up conditioning my hair twice, but I just couldn’t be sure so off I went again.  

It got me thinking about the various places that inspiration has struck me over the years.  Once while I was driving back from a writer’s conference (yay DFW Writer’s Conference), I had all this positive energy going from the conference and all the great people I met while I was there, so half way home between Dallas and Wichita Falls, inspiration struck!  I had to immediately pull over so I could write everything down when I was thinking it because I didn’t want any of it to go away.  You know what I mean?  Going back to the shower incident, I finished my shower in record time, and even wrote some of my “notes” in the steam on the glass of my shower so I wouldn’t forget.

This is how I end up with spiral notebooks everywhere in my house.  Next to the pile of books that I always have, (must be because I’m afraid I’ll run out of new books to read), there is always a notebook of some sort with a pen or pencil, just in case I might need it for that swift moment of inspiration. (I’ve even taken to carrying a notebook and sticky notes in my purse.)

How about you?  What is the weirdest place that inspiration has struck for you?

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