Sure you can have pizza…

Sure you can have pizza…

Sometimes it’s okay to just order a pizza and enjoy yourself.  I was thinking about this a little this afternoon because I haven’t gotten near enough writing done this week, and here I am pondering what to write next and I’m just staring at the keys on my keyboard as if something will magically appear and show me which direction I need to go with my current work in progress.  Yeah right!  Between the phone ringing, my daughter and dogs playing, and the laundry, finding that bit of inspiration or even motivation to keep writing seems like the worst way to spend my evening.  



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I’ve put in my time this week, I’ve done a LOT of reading.  I wouldn’t say that it was my best week, but I put the time in there.  If we are listing excuses I would say that coming down with a horrible migraine mid-week certainly counts as a viable excuse for my break in writing.  (For me, every time there is a big shift in the weather, in rolls the migraine and knocks me on my “you know” for about a day or two, and then I’m slowly making my way back towards the land of the living, just in time to head to work.

You know, if you’ll allow me to digress here for just a moment, there’s certainly something to be said about being in a place that inspires, because sitting at a desk at work, certainly doesn’t get my imagination gears going.  If I could work anywhere, then I would work at a café in Venice, where I could watch people walk by and hear the sounds of music playing softly from a distance, sipping on my delicious espresso.  Are you there with me?  I think we should all have a desk there!

Going back to my point, I was going to say that at the end of such a week, there should be no harm in saying, “You know what?  I think we deserve pizza tonight!  No cooking!”  Yay!  And everyone rejoices and you feel a smile slip over your face because there won’t be that many dishes (even less if you could find those paper plates), and everyone is happy.

So, I’m not sure what kind of week you’ve had, but if it’s anything like mine, please take this as the official okay to order in some pizza tonight!  Yay pizza!

My metaphor here was supposed to be something about how my writing might have been better in the week, but now I’m just throwing slop on the page and I know it, but it’s pizza night and that’s okay.  I tell you what, it’s a good thing it’s Friday because apparently I’ve lost my mind. *smiles*

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  1. Mmmm I love pizza nights! Sometimes stress free indulgences are what we need. And I am soooo with you on the cafe in Venice work space. Although, I’d pick Florence. It smells better. 😉

    One of my favorite tips about writing is from Candace Havens. She said “Believe in the magic of writing.” If I feel like I’m writing pure crap, I tell myself that phrase and know that something good will come out of it. A word count, another story idea, an insight into a character, or maybe it will be revision hell, but before I can get to revisions I have to finish the book. So there! Believe in the magic of writing.

    And eat pizza!

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