So, I’m coming along on my WIP (work in progress), another three thousand words down today! Yay!  But what is actually pretty funny is that I seem to be working this book into some kind of suspense or paranormal work.  I don’t get it.  I grew up and read nothing but romance for the longest time.  It actually wasn’t until recently (maybe a few years ago) that I started expanding on that but paranormal was never on that list before.  And I like suspense (I mean who doesn’t appreciate something that amps up the nerves), but it was never something that I considered writing before.  Isn’t that strange?


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I mean, when I was a little girl (and honestly, it’s still true today), I can’t stand anything that is supposed to be scary.  I had this one friend growing up that would make me watch a scary movie every time that I came over to spend the night.  It was horrible!  We went through the entire Halloween series, watched Candy Land, and even Dracula. (I don’t care what you say, I didn’t see that movie as being a romance movie.) *ick*  It’s just me, you know?  I just really never got into any of that, which is why I find it weird that my writing seems to be taking on this edge all by itself.  It’s not listening to me at all!

Do you have that problem?  Have you ever found yourself writing and finding that the story that you are working on goes in a completely opposite direction that what you had intended.  Meanwhile, I’m sitting here, yelling at the screen, “Hey you!  Come back here!” *smile*

It’s good, I guess.  Because it needs to be organic to the story, I just feel that I’ve lost all control. (Like I had it the begin with.) 🙂



4 thoughts on “Heeby-Geebies

  1. I love when your book takes you off on an adventure. My first project was a paranormal story and my honey told me I gave him the creeps. I took that as a sign I was on the right track! We’ll just ignore the fact that I never finished that book. I’m writing a comedy now! LOL

  2. I agree with Jess–I love it when a story takes off in a direction I didn’t expect (even after I plotted and made an outline). It’s usually better than what I thought I was going to do–probably because I’m mostly a panster. I’ve learned to let go of the creepy factor, too. My characters have to get out of the situation, not me! LOL.

    I can’t watch horror movies, especially the slasher ones. I don’t enjoy that kind of self-induced fear for a story that’s meant to gross you out and nothing more.

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