Quick Draw McGraw

Quick Draw McGraw


So, usually I think most people struggle with the letter “Q” for this challenge, but for some reason, Quick Draw McGraw came right to me.  (For those of you who are too young to know who he is, check out the link, but please don’t tell me – I don’t need that this morning. *smiles)

I can remember a clear time when I used to watch cartoons in the evening on a channel that at eight p.m. would change over to Turner Classic Movies.  And not the TCM of today, but they would show mostly old black and white movies, some early color editions.  It would be a Saturday evening (Saturday mornings where the best, but I lived overseas for a little while and didn’t have access as much to them) and I was watching shows like Quick Draw here, Top Cat, and Wacky Races. (I’ve got this big ole’ grin on my face just thinking about it – my generation know what I mean.)

I loved Quick Draw.  For some reason, his show always made me laugh a little, especially when he came in as El Kabong.  Top Cat was this cool and suave kitty that all the other cats wanted to be like and I loved how the other cats called him, “T.C.”

All those cartoons that we liked during that time, that aren’t really on TV anymore.

What was your favorite cartoon when you were a kid?

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