Puss In Boots


Did you know that this was actually a fairy tale?  Well, I didn’t.  The actual story of Puss in Boots follows almost the same theme as when I saw him on TV; he basically uses trickery to help his master win the hand of a princess.  Nice of him, but I get the feeling that the cat wasn’t always as sweet as you might think since he’s a little kitty wearing black boots.

I’ve got to wonder what the original author was thinking when he/she told the tale about a cat.  Why couldn’t it be a dog?  Or a goose?  Or perhaps a T-Rex?  (Wouldn’t that look awesome?  But how would poor T-Rex get in his boots?  I almost snorted coffee out my nose thinking about the poor guy constantly falling off his bed trying to get his tiny hands on his boots.  Poor T-Rexy.  For a quick laugh, take a look at this link that shows a bunch of funny pictures of animals in clothes.)

My daughter loves to dress up my dogs.

My daughter loves to dress up my dogs.

From what I’ve read, the cat already had the ability to talk and such before he got his boots, but I kept wondering if it was something like the hat in Frosty the Snowman that gave him his abilities to talk and such.  And going along with this line of thinking could we then consider attaching magical properties to any clothing accessory?  Could we have magic belts? Socks? Ponchos?  (This might be the better option for poor T-Rexy – the magic Poncho!)

If you could choose any article of clothing to give you magic powers, what would that be?  And what magic power would you choose to have? (You can only choose one.)

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