Writing Success

Writing Success

For the last couple weeks I have been putting out about 2,000 to 3,000 words a day (excluding the weekends) and am now about a fourth of the way done with my current work in progress!  Yes!  Yay!  And the crowd goes wild! *wink*

I know that this may seem a little lame, but for me it’s huge because excluding the book that I wrote when I was sixteen (which I can’t seem to find whole anywhere – just bits and pieces) this will be the first manuscript that I’ve written, fully, in a very long time.  I’ve had a ton of false starts, although I truly believe that each and every one of them was an important lesson to learn along the way, but this will be the first to reach the finished first draft stage.

I’m not kidding myself into believing that my work will be done at this point, but to be able to get to the revision hell stage would be amazing!  Haha, yes, I’m sure it’s going to be hell.

A great lady that I know named Kristen Lamb, (http://warriorwriters.wordpress.com), just posted a blog about writing like Captain Kirk and I’ve been putting that theory to the absolute test these last couple of weeks.  I figure that if I can keep Spock at bay, and maintain my current momentum, then I should be finished with my first draft sometime around the middle of July.  *screaming*  And the crowd goes wild again!

I know that this is just the beginning, but it has been the most positive that I’ve felt about a manuscript than I have felt in a long time.  (Now if I can just keep up with my blog posts.) 

How has your week been going so far?

5 thoughts on “Writing Success

  1. Nice job Nicole! You should be very proud of your rockstar wordcounts! I’m trying to get 2k a day which doesn’t always happen, but feels really good when it does! Last week I made my biggest wordcount for a week at 10k. Felt awesome! And like you, and Kristen’s advice, I’m trying NOT to edit too much this first round. It’s not always easy, because my inner editor has the voice of Mrs. Danvers in Hitchcock’s Rebecca, but I make my WIP work!

    If you ever want to do any twitter word sprints, I’d love to have you join us! Since DFWcon, we started up a great writing crew of Diana Beebe, Ryan King (ROW80), some other ROW folks and sometimes Debra Kristi and Tameri Etherton. A lot of peeps you know! Give us shout out ANY TIME! I’d love write with you! My twitter handle is @jesswitkins or I try to watch the hashtag #wordmongering a lot to join in their sprints. We’re all excellent cheerleaders. Hope you can join us! Congrats on your progress!

    1. Thanks Jess – I’ll have to look you up on Twitter. I’m not on there nearly as much as I should be, but I would love to work with you all! Thank you again for the great support and encouragement! 🙂

  2. You have been amazing the last few weeks. I’ve loved seeing your updates for your word counts–very inspiring to me. I expect I’ll see you on Twitter more often now, so we can do writing sprints together. 🙂

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