Spaghetti Serenade

Spaghetti Serenade

I love goofy songs that we used to sing as kids and for today’s post we are going to be “remaking” an old favorite, “On Top of Spaghetti.”

Click the video if you’ve never heard the song before to get the melody.  Here is a quick remix of the lyrics for our song today:

I’ve got this new puppy,

She pooped in the house,

She cries all night long,

And killed a field mouse.

Her heart may be pure,

She may be so sweet,

But this little puppy,

Has mud on her feet.

Haha – or something like that. *smiles*  What’s your favorite childhood song?

2 thoughts on “Spaghetti Serenade

  1. LOL I sing On Top of Spaghetti to my granddaughter all the time! Our other two favourites are The Ants Go Marching and The Quarter Master’s Store. Jeez, I’m old!

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