Listen Here, Little Red


Why is it, so often in these stories that the woods symbolize something evil and scary?  Why does the wolf have to be the bad guy?  How many of you out there have ever dressed up as Little Red for Halloween?

I think we should swap it up this morning.  Let’s say we take Little Red and have her skipping down the path to her mother’s friend’s house because her mother has sent her there with a basket full of goodies.  “Sarah is ill,” her mother had told her that morning while they ate breakfast.

Nope, change that too.  Let’s make “Little Red” be a young lady.  Instead of skipping we can have her walking sedately, but hearing calls from the animals as she’s venturing down the path in the dark woods.  Red doesn’t understand her nervousness.  She’s traveled this road before, although, she never really heard of her mother’s friend, Sarah, before but wasn’t it nice that she was going to meet her and that she was bringing a basket of things to help her feel better?

“Little Red, Little Red; don’t go.” someone whispers through the trees.

Nervously, Red stops and looks around.  She notices nothing but the wind blowing some leaves around.  Probably nothing, she thinks as she tightens her cape around her and continues down the path.

“Little Red, Little Red; there’s danger,” again a whisper reaches her.  Tightening her grip on her basket, she whirls to the sound and sees nothing.

“Come out,” she calls.  “What do you want?”

Silence for a few moments, and then a small wolf, more like a baby, slinks slowly through the brush towards her.  Red prepares to raise the basket, but the wolf, perhaps sensing her fear, stops by the tree and says, “Little Red, you must not go.  There’s danger.”

Shocked, Red lowers the basket and stares.  She’s never seen a talking animal before.  “What…What are you talking about?”  She looks over her should, but no, she is still alone with the wolf.

The wolf sits and tilts his head to one side. “I heard your mother talking.  She is planning to kill you, Little Red.”

Stunned speechless, Red shakes her head.  She knows, of course, that her mother has been hinting for her to leave the house, but she has no where to go.

As if in sympathy, the wolf lays his head on his paws.  “I’m sorry, Little Red.”

“But, she sent me with a basket of goods for her friend, Sarah.” Red raises the basket in her hand as if it’s existence should prove the wolf wrong.

“No goods, Little Red, but payment.  It is payment for the witch, Sarah to kill you.”

With shaking hands, Red looks down at the basket.  Slowly, she pulls back the checkered rag over the top.  With a choked cry, she drops the basket and out rolls two gold nuggets the size of her fist.


Phew!  Poor Little Red.  Now she has a decision to make.  Well, I hoped you liked the “remake” today. 🙂 Let’s all remember to not pass judgement so quickly on any talking wolves you might pass in life. 🙂

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