Here’s Johnny

Here’s Johnny


Going in a little bit of a different direction today and we are going exploring in the tale of Johnny Appleseed.  It’s funny, but I put my list together of posts for this challenge about three weeks ago and just the other day, my daughter and I started reading this story in our homeschool history class.  Pretty cool, coincidence.

johnny appleseed

I think everyone’s pretty familiar with the tale of Johnny’s generosity and love he had for apples.  I had thought that he basically spread seeds everywhere, but in fact, he started nurseries.  Now, if this had been the tale of Nicole Grabner, this would not have had a happy ending as it seems that I can kill even a succulent. *sigh*  (I’m working on my black thumb, tried planting some kitchen herbs and so far they are doing ok. Knock wood.)

Have you ever been to an apple orchard in the fall?  I remember walking in one in Italy with my family and we would grab an apple or two to snack while we would go on long walks with our dog.  I think it’s really neat to see how each kind of apple is different, in texture, taste, and even smell.

Now, I notice it’s a pretty popular thing for people to do what’s called, Urban homesteading.  Have you heard of this movement?  You’ve got families having their own vegetable gardens, fruit trees, and even raising chickens.  I’ll tell you what, if I can get these herbs to continue to live, I’ll give some consideration to maybe some vegetables in tubes – like pipe irrigation.  (You can see some examples here.) Pretty cool stuff.

Have you ever thought about growing your own vegetables or fruit?

7 thoughts on “Here’s Johnny

  1. We’ve grown a few things; cucumbers, jalapenos, tomatoes, mint, cilantro, and basil. We’ve visited an apple orchard and pumpkin farm too. It was fun with the little ones.

  2. I had a black thumb, turned to brown and is now almost green! It took some time and a LOT of research/reading. I still struggle, but at least most of my plants are alive. That includes an orange, apple and plum tree as well as plumerias (which I could never grow before). Now that I can keep them living, I actually love gardening.
    Goodluck with your herbs! If they thrive, I think you’ll enjoy challenging yourself with something bigger.
    Visting from A to Z challenge.

    1. Something I would like to grow would be cucumbers, because I love them; so if this works out maybe I’ll give that a try. 🙂

  3. The most I’ve ever ventured was planting a little vegetable garden in the backyard and herbs in the window boxes. Not sure I’m cut out for urban homesteading as I tend to prefer to run to the grocery store for my produce. 🙂 hee hee Although, home grown does taste a million times better! Love apples in the fall, too. Fun post!

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