Feelin’ Froggy

Feelin’ Froggy


You have to kiss a few frogs, before you can find a prince.

Who comes up with this stuff?  Why on Earth would ANYONE want to kiss a frog, even as it is meant in this case, if you suspect that he or she might be a “frog,” why would you want to kiss them?

I think that the Grimm brothers were laughing when the wrote this; although from what I’ve read the story originally had the princess break the spell over the prince by throwing the frog against the wall, not kissing him. (Probably not the best version for Disney.)

But seriously, can you imagine what the author thought when writing this?  Let’s say they are sitting outside on a warm day and a frog jumps across their path.  The slimy and gooey looking frog is watching the author and the they think, “What if someone had to kiss that frog to save him?”  (Because we, as authors, love putting our characters in tough situations.)  I guess it could have been worse, they could have written the story where the princess had to kiss a snake or a spider. *ewwwwwww….*


What animal would you kiss?  What animal wouldn’t you kiss?

5 thoughts on “Feelin’ Froggy

  1. Very funny! And you’re right, what author decided that kissing a frog was a great way to potentially uncover an enchanted prince? I have a book of original Grimm Fairytales around here somewhere and they are certainly much darker than the Disney spin, no doubt, but they are also much more entertaining. Even still, I think I shall refrain from kissing any creatures… for now. 😉

  2. I’d kiss a dog, horse, cat, dolphin, panda bear,……. Maybe that’s it. No frogs, snakes, possums, ant-eaters, raccoons, lions, bears, …the list is endless ?

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