Look, I’m an Artist

Look, I’m an Artist

Last night I went to an art class with my friend, Sandra, and we attempted to paint on canvas a painting entitled, “Winter Solstice.”  Here is what I came up with.  (Note:  I’m not showing you what the example looked like because I want you to be impressed. Haha!)



Just before going to this class, my husband teased me about going to a finger-painting class, but you should have seen his face when I got home with this.  He thought that I had bought this painting and when he realized that I actually painted it myself, well…he was blown away.  I thought this was interesting, not just because it was flattering, but when I look at it, I can see every little thing that I did wrong.

You know, it’s a little funny that my life right now is all about art.  When I was in school, art was amongst my worst subjects because for one reason or another just annoyed me to no end. (I had a teacher once tell me that my drawing was horrible and that I should give up…so I kind of did.)

But that didn’t change my appreciation for art.  Growing up in Europe, I would be surprised if you didn’t have some enjoyment of art.  I’m not just talking about the wonderful art museums like the Louvre, but I’m talking about beautiful castles (like Burg Eltz, Neuschwanstein, or even Edinburgh Castle), wonderful food and wine (and yes, I think wine is an art), and amazing books. (I once got to visit the house of Sir Walter Scott – awesome!)

Given all of this grief that I got from attempting my own art, I think it’s amazing that I grew up into the person that I am; someone who is an artist.  Isn’t that funny?  Now, I hear the word, “artist” and immediately I think of someone who paints or draws…something like that.  But when I looked up the word on online etymology dictionary, it came up with, “one who cultivates one of the fine arts.” (Or master of the liberal arts.)  Isn’t that funny?  (I don’t know if I’ve mentioned before but my degree is in Liberal Arts.)  As a child, I did everything I could to avoid learning art, but as an adult it is apparently what I readily embrace.

How about you?  Are you an artist?  What kind of art do you practice? 

4 thoughts on “Look, I’m an Artist

  1. That’s beautiful! I’m no good at art- I was a dance teacher, does that count?? Anyway, several of my kids are very gifted artists. My oldest daughter is actually starting a new drawing and painting class today; she just finished flash animation last week. She’s also taking a homeschool photography course.

    1. They have homeschool photography lessons? That’s awesome!
      Yes, dance is definitely art! “I’ve been known to cut a little rug in my life.” *smiles*
      I think it’s funny, that when you consider what all falls under the word “art,” it encompasses a whole lot more than you initially think.

  2. I like the painting. As far as being able to see “everything I did wrong,” we are always our own toughest critics. Don’t be so hard on yourself that you don’t enjoy the “creation” process. You are a lovely person and it is reflected in everything you do! Have fun with it.

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