Have you found your dream job?

With all the finance books I’ve been reading lately, a common theme is starting to appear with some of the more “happy wealthy” people that are used as examples in these books – they have… Continue reading


I’ve been devouring a few books lately about finances and managing your budget/income.  Most of them (the good ones) seem to have a few recurring themes that I find really interesting.  (What throws… Continue reading

Gazelle Focused

For those of you who are fans of Dave Ramsey, you know exactly what I’m talking about before even reading this post.  Basically, you aggressively attacking debt and taking steps to become financially free.… Continue reading

Finding Your Key

It's time to take that new path.

It’s time to take that new path.

I’ve got some really awesome and successful friends.  They are super crafty and creative and just by glancing at their lives, feels like they’ve found that key… Continue reading

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