Collecting Summer Reading Suggestions

Collecting Summer Reading Suggestions

It’s the beginning of June and the kickoff of summer fun – I’ve been devouring different blog posts/news articles about suggestions for summer reading lists.  I think it’s a little funny because I love reading all year, but the best suggestions, or even the most popular time for discussing books, seems to be in the summer.  You know?  What makes the summer months more appealing for grabbing a good book?


I think for the month of June, in between some new releases from some favorite authors of mine, I’m going to be looking for a good memoir and maybe a good classic to re-read.  I haven’t read a good memoir in awhile, and it might be because I’m a little picky about the author, but I think you also have to be in the mood for a memoir.  I’ve been reading about mindfulness and finances lately and I think I’d like a little break from that.

So, if you have some suggestions for the best memoir you have ever read, or maybe a great suggestion for a classic that you re-read that changed your life – would you let me know?  I was reading a post by Anne at Modern Miss Darcy, and I’ve got to tell you, I’m now looking for the audio book called, “As You Wish: Inconceivable Tales from the Making of the Princess Bride.” Anne says that the audio book brings back the original actors as they talk about the experience of making that movie.  So for all this awesomeness I say….



30 Day Mindfulness Check-In:

I got myself a journal to try to keep track of things, but my goal to begin is really just to start my day by making myself aware of all the things I’m grateful for.  I’m looking to add positive thoughts about other things later, but we’ll see how this goes. Are you joining me for this challenge?

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