Breaking Bad Habits – Let’s start with poop

Breaking Bad Habits – Let’s start with poop

Our family recently adopted a rescued Chihuahua.  So, to date, we have one German Shepard Dog, one rescued Border Collie, and now to our pack we have added the most mellow Chihuahua that I have ever seen in my life.  She’s roughly two years old and would prefer to sleep on your lap all day long. (You should see some of the ugly looks I get in the evenings when I get up; it’s like I’ve ruined her day.)  She’s a sweet girl, but what’s really driving me up the wall is that she’s pretty stubborn and has developed this habit of not wanting to poop outside, she prefers the clean floors of my daughter’s bathroom for that.


I can’t explain it – we’ve had her for a few months, but this is something new.  I feel like I’m having to start all over with potty training her and I can’t put my finger exactly on why she would revert to this behavior after having her act “normal for months.”  We are kennel training her and hopefully will make some progress soon, but man, when it comes to poop, this girl is stubborn.

In either case, while observing my stubborn puppy one morning, I got to thinking about other bad habits that are in my house right now that are hard to break…for me, not necessarily bad, but distracting, first thing in the morning, I’m on Facebook and Twitter, catching up on the social media world.  (Does anyone else do this?)  The next thing I know, I’m looking up at the clock and it’s after ten, and I’ve wasted half my morning getting sucked into that black hole.  How did that happen? (It’s even worse when I’m on Etsy or Pinterest.)


So now, I’ve got to have a timer next to me while I’m on the computer.  It makes me laugh a little at myself, because I remember when I was a little girl and the internet first came out, we had to use a timer to make sure we didn’t stay on too long.  Not for wasting time, but because it cost so much money. (I’m probably showing my age here, but oh well.)  But, here I am, with the timer on my smart phone set, every morning with my coffee, cruising the net world.

What about you?  Do you have any “bad habits”?  Anything that you would like to change?

2 thoughts on “Breaking Bad Habits – Let’s start with poop

  1. I’ve definitely got to cut down on social media. My problem isn’t reading it, though. My problem is that I spend sooo much time online promoting my blog that I must be on the computer a total of 8 hrs a day. There’s got to be an easier way!

    1. Building a presence on social media takes time for sure. I agree, wish there was a better way, but I also think about it like making new friends. No great way to rush that. 🙂

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