Before Coffee Mistakes, Part 1

Before Coffee Mistakes, Part 1

Happy July everyone!  June certainly flew by didn’t it?  Have you started vacationing yet?  I had a short family vacation last month (up in Illinois and Tennessee – a first for me, I had never been to Tennessee before), but I think I’m about done for the summer.

After the long drive back home to Florida, I was in the shower and trying to remember everything that needed to get done around the house.  Once my brain starts on this path (and it usually does right before I go to bed), it’s difficult to turn off, but it got me thinking about all the funny “mistakes” I’ve made before having coffee in the morning.

Thus, for our funny theme for the month of July, I thought we could discuss the mistakes we all make (I hope I’m not alone here) before we’ve had our shot of morning caffeine.  I hope you enjoy!

  1. Normal conversation.

This is a big one and the first that comes to mind.  I suppose this should have been obvious, but since I work from home now, I’ve had to remind myself of this a few times.  When I was working outside the house, it was my usual routine to have a cup or two of coffee before I went to work, thus enabling my patience factor when I’m slammed with numerous emails and phone calls when I walked in the door.  Makes sense, right?

had coffee

Well, now that I can stumble into my office wearing my PJs in the morning, it was funny how I had to remind myself of this.  Thankfully, I was on the phone with my mother at the time this became an issue and not a client or agent, (and thank you mom for your patience with me), otherwise that might have been awkward.

Mom on the phone:  What’s your plan today, sweetie?

Me: Grumble grumble,…blah, grumble

It was almost like a scene from one of those Snicker commercials, except in this one the guy would hand Ms. Monroe a cup of coffee instead of chocolate.  In extreme cases, it is my recommendation when facing a monster like me in the morning, combine chocolate and coffee – can’t hurt.

So now we know, and realizing that before I’ve had my coffee in the morning is not the best time to discuss anything other than finding the creamer or telling me you love me.  *giggles*

How about you?  Are you a coffee or tea drinker who needs their fix before being required to adult?


4 thoughts on “Before Coffee Mistakes, Part 1

  1. It’s really bad at work until I get my second cup. A patient (who comes frequently for inpatient chemo) asked the off going nurse what was wrong with me that morning as I was apparently only grumbling. (I am usually the crazy bouncing off the walls nurse!) She told the patient, “she hasn’t had her second cup of coffee.” Since that day, when the patient returns, the patient always asks me if I got my second cup. (Teasing of course!)

    1. When one isn’t enough…seriously, I don’t understand how some people can function without coffee. 🙂

  2. Coffee is one of my very best friends. Unfortunately, I’ve had to switch to half-caff because regular makes me a bit high strung. My kids are ever so glad I switched. ?

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