What are we Reading, Wednesday? (Part 2)

What are we Reading, Wednesday? (Part 2)

How’s everyone’s week going so far?  It’s been a little quiet around here, hubby had surgery a week ago and we are all basically in quiet and care mode right now; which is nice because it gives me a little more time to read and write. *evil laugh*

Awhile ago I picked up a Romantic Suspense (probably my favorite genre) by Jayne Ann Krentz called, Secret Sisters. I loved it.  I was thrilled because I was in between books from my favorite authors and looking for something new and I really enjoyed the author’s voice and the flow of the story.  What also made me want to boogie was when I discovered that Jayne had MANY other books out there (she writes under THREE different names), so I rushed to the bookstore to get as many of her books as I could find.  (I have a small mountain of them, perched on a chair at my dining room table…just waiting to all fall down like Humpty-Dumpty.)


So, just the other day, I finished reading, Flash.  Even though this book was published back in 1998, you don’t get the feeling of going back in time.  The suspense element is good, there was a point towards the end when I was sure that the book was set to end, but the author threw in a small red herring and I was honestly a little surprised with the ending.  In a very good way.  I liked the female lead, even if the description of her office space leaves me cringing; and the hero was not too overbearing with just enough protective instincts.  (Generally speaking, I really prefer that a heroine that isn’t whiny or weak – in the sense that she waits for everyone else to solve her problems for her.  I can’t stand being in the head of someone who is obnoxiously selfish, no matter how great the story is; you know?)

So, overall, if you like Romantic Suspense and have never given Krentz a try – please check her out.  She also publishes under the pen name of Amanda Quick and Jayne Castle.

What have you been reading lately?

4 thoughts on “What are we Reading, Wednesday? (Part 2)

  1. I’m reading Whitley Strieber’s “Communion” for like the sixth time now. Yes, I know it’s a little out there, but I’m into sci-fy, so this is my little escape. Don’t judge me! 😉

  2. I love the idea of sharing what we’re reading, though I don’t read much fiction these days. I’m trying to wrap up three books: Smarter, Better, Faster by Charles Duhigg, and Steven Pressfield’s Do the Work! (the exclamation point is his, not mine).

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