Teaser Friday!

Teaser Friday!


It’s Friday, and that means the first “Teaser Friday” in May.  Below is a small exert of the novella I’m currently working on.  I really hope that you enjoy it!


It was time. The evil that struck once was prepared to strike again. Catherine could feel the tentacles of hate circling the air as if it were steam, the warning before the fire. She had been too late before, surprised by the length that jealousy would go; although to be fair, she shouldn’t have been. She had been living with these immortals since the beginning of time and despite the respect they had shown her, Catherine was disgusted by the lack of respect they showed each other and the mortals they claimed to protect. It was laughable, really, if one could find humor in all that horror. Catherine was sick of it. She knew that her interference was forbidden, but she didn’t care. She would break all the rules to thumb her nose at these petty and hateful “gods;” she was just lucky that this time, it was for the greater good.

Glancing into the greenish pool of water that covered the cavern floor, Catherine observed the cloak failing. Her spell had done it’s job for several hundred years, but like most things on this precious Earth, was beginning to end. The materials she had used to cast the spell weren’t strong enough to go on indefinitely, and perhaps that had been the problem to begin with. She needed to find something that would protect and last much longer. Such materials weren’t hard to find, however, procuring them could be tricky. All she had to do was trick a god. How hard could that be?

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