Teaser Friday, Part II (Friday the 13th)

Teaser Friday, Part II (Friday the 13th)


Happy Friday the 13th!  How’s your week been going?  Things have been progressing for our friend Catherine this week, although I’m honestly not too sure if now things are going to end up the way that I had planned.  🙂  I hope you enjoy this week’s “teaser” and please, feel free to comment below.  I hope everyone has a great weekend!


Her power was draining. It had been so long since Catherine could even remember feeling such pain, but she couldn’t let the spell overcome her at this point or it was all for nothing. Outside, the lightening was flashing and the wind was howling, as if the world could sense the turmoil going on inside. Catherine dropped to her knees in front of the fire, her arms spread wide, hands out as if cupping the very air. Sweat dripped from her brow, clinging to her pale dress.

“What should I do?” whispered Hester who clung to the table in anticipation.

Catherine breathed deep, pulling her scattered thoughts in. “It is almost done, my friend. Please stand watch. I can’t protect us.”

Hester nodded and slipped from the room. Catherine sent what power she could spare with her friend. If they we caught now, the punishment would be severe.

2 thoughts on “Teaser Friday, Part II (Friday the 13th)

  1. Your cliffhanger technique reminds me of what I do to my kids sometimes during read-alouds- I stop at a good part and say, “Okay, that’s where we’re stopping today.” Now you’re doing it to me!

    1. I’m glad you like it. 🙂 I’m hoping to have everything for this story finished by the end of this week to prep for publishing next. We’ll see.

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