Unforgettable Ugliness

Unforgettable Ugliness


It can be pretty easy to judge something or someone two-dimensionally.  To take something at the face value or even the first impression.  To fully understand and appreciate all the layers of a person you have to go beneath the surface and that takes time – often time that most don’t want to put forward at first.

I love character transformations in stories.  I love how they start with this “imperfection”, whatever that might be, and as the story beats away at them, kind of like a mason on a stone, in the end what you are left with is this beautiful work of art.

I think that we are all kind of born showing our “true colors,” but as we age and gather experiences like cloaks around us, layer upon layer of camouflage is added to disguise or protect what is underneath.  The story of The Ugly Duckling, however, takes us on the opposite journey and shows the poor duckling turning into a beautiful swan and shocking the others that had bullied and teased him when he was young.  I guess, there’s no rule that the layers have to be ugly? *smiles*

I was reading an article the other day about bullying and while I won’t go into that topic too deeply, I wanted to quickly touch on that in this blog.  Bullying is not something new, most every generation has had to deal with this beast, but I feel like the beast today has got claws and sharp teeth – worse than I’ve ever heard or seen before.  I’m not sure I understand the metamorphosis of this beast, how we could have gone from pranks, to hurting a child so much that their very life is in danger…what has happened to our world?

In recognition of this problem, how about today, wherever you are, you pass forward one kind comment to someone?  Would you try this for me?  Just one nice comment, because you never know the difference that comment might make to someone who’s heard nothing but trash and negativity lately.  Remember that everyone has cloaks that they gathered for a reason.

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