Walking in Dreams

Walking in Dreams

My family and I just got back from visiting the happiest place on Earth, with a quick stop as well at Diagon Alley.  It was so wonderful to be able to walk into a world that was created from fellow writers.  It amazes me what in writing becomes popular and what doesn’t?

Future Dream House
Future Dream House


Who would have thought that a story about a talking mouse would turn into this world?  A world that I swear many that we ran into there, didn’t get the “happiest place memo.”  I mean seriously, how pushes a five-year old out of the way to get ahead in the line for the rides.  I digress.

Can't you hear the theme music?
Can’t you hear the theme music?

Setting aside the image of me skipping down the road here (honestly though, I was skipping a little), I couldn’t quite believe that someone was able to pull this all from books.  Isn’t that awesome!  I wonder if either ever thought that their dreams would grow this way?

What are your dreams?  Have you been working towards them lately?

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  1. My dreams are much simpler than this, but I’m thankful everyday my kids and I have such wondrous places to visit in books. Nice site Nicole!

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