Adventures with Family Photos

Adventures with Family Photos

Living in northern Texas for a few years has given me a craving for a family photo surrounded by beutiful Texas bluebonnets.  I don’t know how many of you have seen them, but they only bloom for a little bit, which limits the amount of time that I can set all this up.  (I think they bloom for a few weeks at most.)

So for three years I have been thinking about this and three years I have been plotting planning this family photo.  I have the idea in my head and now the fun part is trying to find a field that isn’t on the side of the interstate to get this picture. 

I think I have the plan for that now.  Tomorrow, I’m going to drag my family out of bed early (to hopefully get the best light) and see if I can get us all together in a field of bluebonnets that aren’t inhabited by the local wildlife, and have a friend take our picture there.

Knowing my family, I’m sure that we will run into an obstacle or two *wink*, but I’m thinking if nothing else, it will be a great memory. 

What about you?  When was the last time that you took a family picture?  Was it anything like this

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  1. I love the bluebonnets. We’ve only taken pictures in them a couple of times. It’s probably time to do it again. Have fun! Can’t wait to see the results of your outing. 🙂

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