Snow Days

Snow Days

Winter in Texas, especially north central Texas, can be a little intimidating.  I thought it was really interesting to see when my family first moved here from Northern Japan, how intense it can be when there is an expectation of snow or sleet.  There is a mad panic here that I hadn’t seen before and honestly never considered when you come from a place where the average snow fall on a given day is around six inches.

So, despite the fact that we weren’t expecting a lot, it can be considered that for this area of the world (and for a town that just recently had temperatures in the 80s), there was obviously some cause for concern.  I don’t know that many even actually have much experience driving in these conditions either.


So, Thursday I arrived home a little earlier than usual with my daughter because we didn’t want to get caught in the weather and sure enough, the roads froze over like one giant sheet of ice.  I could see the postman outside my house, driving slowly by, and I offered a quick prayer of thanks for people that would brave our weather to deliver our mail.

My family continued to “burrow” (*smiles*) the next day, staying inside and watching movies and relaxing.  It was a first for a new holiday tradition for my family, where we had our daughter leave a shoe outside the night before for St. Nicholas. (to see more about this tradition, check out this site:


So, all in all, we are enjoying the winter weather here, and considering what all we can do to pass the time. 🙂  How about you?  How’s the weather were you are in the world?

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  1. I’m totally ready for winter to be over. We’re just above freezing at the moment, but that won’t last. Stay warm!

    Cute shoe! We’ve never followed the St. Nicholas holiday. It looks like fun. 😀

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