The Attack of the Millipede

The Attack of the Millipede

This morning, as I’m sitting on my bed on my laptop, cautiously holding my head a certain way to avoid having my curlers fall out of my hair, my daughter sitting besides me half in and half out of her clothes for the day (she’s busy watching TV and that can obviously distract her from the urgent matter of her getting dressed and ready for the day), a millipede, a pretty long one from that, decided that it would take that moment to crawl slowly across my bed in front of me.  OH MY….!!!!!



(Image via Flickr Creative Commons, courtesy of Mjtmail)

At first I’m thinking that this is just great – an awesome sign of things to come for the rest of the day.  (I mean if you call jumping up from the bed, screaming, causing my daughter to scream and freak out, my husband to come running in as I reach my hand up to grab my still very hot curler to keep it from falling out of my hair, then eventually running way behind; a bad start, then yes, I had a bad start.)

It wasn’t until I come home from what was a pretty stressful day that I got a message on Facebook from my cousin, who told me that actually a millipede sighting could be a good thing.…/…

So, now I choose to believe that instead of a bad omen, my now perished millipede might have been trying to give me some good news.  And wouldn’t that be nice?  I think everyone could go for a little bit of good news on a busy and horrid Tuesday afternoon.  Right?

Have you dealt with some curious and friendly insects trying to escape the weather into the safety of your home?

One thought on “The Attack of the Millipede

  1. Way to freak out AND keep the curler in. My curlers would’ve been flying.

    One time, after I left a friend’s house, she called to tell me that a rabbit had gotten into her house while we chatted in front of the open front door! Animal Control came to get it out of her son’s closet. She said the thing jumped as high as the man was tall!

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