Book Hangover

Book Hangover

I’m at the point of time known as the ‘book hangover;’ the time after I finish a good book and can’t decide which new book I want to read.  I have a couple of craft books that I need to finish, but even that seems like too much right now. 🙂  My favorite genre’s are romance and YA, but, as I’m waiting for another Nora Roberts book to come out, what should I read?


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Have you ever been at that point?  I love to read.  It’s one of my favorite things.  When I was younger, it could also be known as my time waster because I would rather read than do anything else.  (Even a book that I don’t really care for.)  

I’m told that a love of reading is crucial to anyone that wants to write, and I can see why.  You know?  How else are you going to be able to tell your story if you haven’t read what a story is yet?  My favorite room in my house my little library where I house the majority of my books.  However, I have little stacks all over the place, of books that I want and need to read.  Does anyone else do that?  Right now, I’ve got a stack on my nightstand, my hope chest, and my kitchen counter.  I’m not counting the end table in the living room, because that’s only writing magazines. 🙂  Do magazines count?

How about you?  What book are you reading or what book have just finished?  Any recommendations for a new YA book?

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  1. I have books everywhere–I really should organize them better. I’ve read some indie books lately that you might like.

    Myndi Shafer has two books in her Shrilugh series (Shrilugh and The Darkening)
    Angela Wallace has several books. I’ve read Elemental Magic and Phoenix Feather and enjoyed them both.

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